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This thread contains information about the most recent releases of WADE and its plug-in modules:

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Yesterday we released wade 1.5.1. It's got some new features and bug fixes (see the change log), the main things probably being the ability to load custom fonts (see an example here), the wade.isKeyDown() function to keep track of key states, and additive blending in webgl mode.


Here's the current state of things, with the latest versions of the main engine and its plug-in's:


  • wade 1.5.1 (see full change log here)
  • wade.iso 1.1.3:
    - Added the ability to save the current map and its state with wade.iso.exportMap()
  • wade.particles 1.0.1:
    wade.particles.addParticle() now returns the particle that was just added
    - Added wade.particles.removeAllParticles()
    - BugFix (B01): If wade.clearScene() is called when particles are active, you cannot add any more particles afterwards
    - BugFix (B02): When the last particle is removed and quadtrees are active, there are sometimes rendering artefacts
    - BugFix (B03): When neither particleVelocity or particleSpin are set, inheritEmitterMotion doesn't have any effect
  • wade physics 1.1 
    Nicer interface, that is more in line with the rest of the WADE plug-in's. The PhysicsObject behavior can be initialized by passing parameters to wade.addSceneObject, all the properties of PhysicsObject are now public (with custom accessors), you don't have to remember to call wade.physics.init() as it's now done automatically, plus some bug fixes.
  • wade image fx 1.0
  • prompt.js 1.0
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